n. (Music) brief embellishing note performed as fast as possible before a principal note

English contemporary dictionary. 2014.

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  • acciaccatura — {{hw}}{{acciaccatura}}{{/hw}}s. f. 1 Deformazione, ammaccatura. 2 (mus.) Appoggiatura rapida su una nota per passare a legarsi alla nota principale successiva …   Enciclopedia di italiano

  • Ornament (music) — An extreme example of ornamentation as a fioritura from Chopin s Nocturne in D flat major. In music, ornaments or embellishments are musical flourishes that are not necessary to carry the overall line of the melody (or harmony), but serve instead …   Wikipedia

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  • acciaccatura — /euh chah keuh toor euh/; It. /aht chahk kah tooh rddah/, n., pl. acciaccaturas, acciaccature / toor ay, toor ee/; It. / tooh rdde/. Music. a short grace note one half step below, and struck at the same time as, a principal note. [1875 80; < It:… …   Universalium

  • acciaccatura — [əˌtʃakə tjʊərə] noun (plural acciaccaturas or acciaccature) Music a grace note performed as quickly as possible before an essential note of a melody. Origin Ital., from acciaccare to crush …   English new terms dictionary

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